Dairy Manure and Fertilizer Effects on Microbial Activity of an Idaho Soil

D. D. Tarkalson1, R. Dungan2, D. Bjorneberg2
Dairy cows populations over time in Idaho
Milk cows in Idaho over time
  • Manure applications have become a common practice on many fields in parts of Southern Idaho where the dairy industry has grown.  
  • The manure applications have changed the systems.  Observations of crop growth and yield effects have highlighted these changes.   
Past manure applications treatments
Visual differences in sugar beet growth 5 years after last manure application
Spring plant available N prior to sugarbeet crop in 2014 and 2016
Sugarbeet root yields in 2014 and 2016
Spring 2020 selected soil microbial enzyme activity in the 0-6 and 6-14 inch depth.


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