WERA-103 Leadership Award Winners

Year Award Winner Company
2023 Jay Norton  
2021 Rob Mikkelsen Yara Americas, North America
2019 Joan Davenport  
2017  Nat Dellavalle Dellavalle Laboratory, Inc.
2015 Donald Horneck Oregon State University
2013 G. Stuart Pettygrove University of California
2011 Von D. Jolley and Bruce L. Webb Brigham Young University
2009 Dwayne G. Westfall Colorado State University
2007 Robert G. Stevens Washington State University
2005 Neil W. Christensen Oregon State University
2003 Brad Brown University of Idaho
1999 Al Ludwick Potash & Phosphate Institute
1997 Earl Skogley Montana State University
1995 Dale Westerman USDA-ARS

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